Monday, August 13, 2012

Bored Ramblings {Fanny Thornton}

  I am quite bored. I can't go shopping because it's raining and I've used up most of the small pittance that John calls an allowance. I played the piano all afternoon until Mother suggested I do something else, and for lack of anything better to do I decided to write a blog post about whatever comes to mind.
  I brought such a pretty dress yesterday! It's bright pink with blue, orange, and green ruffles. Mother gave a sort of groan when she saw it. I suppose she thought it was too showy. Really, the lack of taste in my family is quite astounding! But of course, I more than make up for any lack on Mother or John's part. 
  I also recently ordered a water mattress. They're supposed to be very comfortable. I'm not actually ill, but I am very delicate and I think it best to be prepared just in case.
  I'm going to re-trim one of my bonnets, but I can't decide whether to do pink ribbons or purple. Perhaps I'll ask Miss Latimer when I see her again. That reminds me, I'll have to lend her The Tales of the Alhambra. I think she would like it.
  I read Miss Dorrit's first post, and I quite envy her. I wish I could go to Europe! And from looking at the picture, her brother seems much nicer than mine. Milton is such a dull, smoky place, and I never get to go anywhere. How pleasant it would be if we discovered that John was the heir to a great fortune! Then we could buy an estate in the country, instead of living next to this noisy mill, and I could marry a member of Parliament, or an earl, or something.
  John just came home. I wonder if he's going to read with Mr. Hale this evening. I don't see why anyone, even someone as boring as John, would want  to take lessons. Especially on Aristotole and Plato. I tried reading Plato once, but I didn't get past the table of contents
  It's time for dinner now, so I'll have to stop writing.