Saturday, May 26, 2012

Welcome to our wonderful blog!

Welcome to The Victorian Fans! This blog is owned and operated by two young ladies who share the same Christian name.  I (Fanny Dorrit) came up with the idea, by the way.

Yes, yes, we know.  Being the expert on fashion that I am, I suggested the title.

We're looking forward to hearing lots and lots of comments from all of you! (Except Sparkler.  Sparkler, be quiet.) 

And John had better not comment and tell me to stop playing the piano.

Ooh, Fanny, remind me to teach you how to do high kicks!

Oh, that's great.  Then I can kick John when he irritates me! (Which is often.)  

Ugh.  Tip says my computer time is up.  Do write to me soon, Miss Thornton!

Heehee, John hardly ever uses the laptop, so I get it all day long.  Bye, Miss Dorrit!
Now, let's see, what shall I talk about.  I've been reading Tales of the Alhambra, and I've always wanted to see the Alhambra.  But instead I'm stuck (in the mud) in this dirty, smoky hole of a town with my stick-in-the-mud brother.  Things might be getting a little more interesting soon because a new family has moved to Milton... the Hales, they call themselves.  I'm looking forward to calling upon them, but I am sure Miss Hale cannot possibly play such pretty angel music as I do myself.  Oh dear, I have to go visit Miss Ann Latimer now... it is most tedious, as she never opens her mouth.  I have to do all the talking.  Which is not difficult.


Miss Dashwood said...

Jeremiah Flintwinch says...
Death of my soul. 'Ow did this blog get 'ere? Blimey.

Margaret Hale said...

Sir William Lucas says...
Capital, capital! *claps hands*

Miss Dashwood said...

Mr. Darcy says...
Every savage can write a blog.